What Are The Best Hand Spreader? Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Hand Spreader

We are by and large looking for that perfectly manicured grass that is the envy of the space. To accomplish that unbiased, we need to have genuine contraptions.

The Best Hand Spreader is the best device to add that smidgen of extra seed or fertilizer to put your yard over the top. Then again, maybe you essentially have a little piece of property and shouldn’t even worry about a hard and fast push spreader.

Notwithstanding your reasons are, you really need to know which one to buy.  Read on to see which ones I accept are the best accessible as of now!

Best Hand Spreaders are obviously appropriate for little positions and confined spaces, here are the 5 that I propose…

Our Top Best Hand Spreader

Hand-Held Spreader Reviews

1) Solo 421 Portable Spreader


  • The hoppers large opening makes it easy to fill and clean
  • Large 20-pound capacity.
  • Can do both narrow-focused spreading and broad spreading, making it a versatile spreader
  • Gearbox is designed to be fully enclosed, making it corrosion resistant


  • Some users did not like the ergonomics of the design

This spreader is great for little to medium-sized yards. It offers an all over model that throws seeds in a covering plan for complete uniform incorporation.

It moreover consolidates a cap to safeguard the overseer from engineered substances, dust, similarly as the thing being put down. An extraordinary choice as opposed to wheeled grass spreaders, the Independent 421 grants you to spread seed or Hand Fertilizer Spreader where wheels can’t reach.

This is my favorite model on the market!

2) Earthway 2750 Hand-Operated Spreader


  • Large capacity hopper (25lb of product) with edge guard technology
  • Ergonomically designed with a contoured molded base and adjustable shoulder strap included
  • A sturdy and zip-easy bag that is simple to open and close


  • Gears sometimes lock up

You will rapidly see that this spreader is truly adept at spreading Grass Seed Spreader, fertilizer, or other material.

Its container is produced using folding nylon that limits how much space needed to store it. The flexible shoulder tie included if agreeable.

The container holds 25 pounds of item, which is the biggest of any of the items we’ve explored. The Earthway 2750 is hands down truly outstanding available because of it’s basic, direct plan!

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3) Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreader


  • 5ft spreading capability, with Edge-Guard and Handy-Lock technology
  • Great as a year-round spreader
  • Operated and powered by 4AA batteries
  • Affordable price


  • While it is meant to be used year-round, many have discredited its ability to spread melting materials for ice

An incredible choice for more modest yards, the Scotts Wizz spreader is reasonable, lightweight, and convenient. With a container that can hold adequate material to treat 2,500 sq. ft of yard space, this spreader sets aside customers time and cash.

It tends to be utilized all year, which is useful for property holders who need to take care of, seed, weed, or liquefy ice consistently.

4) Chapin 84600A Professional Bag Seeder


  • Designed to withstand the elements thanks to its waterproof bag and gearbox
  • Calibrated flow rate adjuster for easy on/off control
  • Metal crank for added durability
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder strap makes it more comfortable to hold


  • Crank can be difficult to control for left-hand users, so its design may not be for everyone

This Best Hand Spreader is mind boggling for little areas or hard to show up at places. It is solid, waterproof, and capacities splendidly with a colossal variety of seeds and granular Hand Fertilizer Spreader.

A top decision among customers, this sensible spreader goes with a zipper top sack that can hold up 25 pounds of material. Like an enormous part of various spreaders referred to, it in like manner consolidates a padded, adjustable shoulder lash for added comfort.

5) Yard Tuff YTF-25SS Shoulder Spreader


  • It is lightweight (only 3.5 pounds)
  • Bag is made from canvas material with adjustable strap and zipper
  • All the gears are made of metal, so it is durable and built to last
  • Offers a calibrated spreader so you can adjust the output rate


  • Some users noticed the gears lock up occasionally, making it difficult or impossible to use properly

While it’s little in size and just weighs 3.5 lbs., it can convey a lot of material. Because of its lightweight plan, you’ll see the value in its simple of utilization and solace while utilizing it.

Another decent component is the stream rate agent. It is fast and simple to set up, so you can begin spreading your item rapidly. Clients likewise get a spread outline to assist with seeing how to align the unit.

How We Rated The Spreaders

When reviewing each Best Hand Spreader, we thought about dependability, nature of spread, and convenience. Each device that made our rundown is generally reasonable, nonetheless, some are more costly than others. Remember the extra highlights that the pricier ones deal to conclude whether it’s worth the effort to you to spend a touch more cash.

Reliability (Warranty)

A good brand will usually offer a predominant (longer) ensure. The customer care bunch should have the choice to explain what their assurance covers for the circumstance your purchase is deficient. Genuinely in any case, these spreaders are truly unassuming, so I wouldn’t contribute a ton of energy taking a gander at ensures. All of the brands have solid reputations.

Quality Of Spread

While reviewing the models at this point available, we expected to consider only those that spread the material consistently and enough. This ensures that you will have a uniform application. We furthermore thought to be if they rate was versatile.

Ease Of Use

Finally, you really want a spreader that is pleasant and easy to use. By far most of the extraordinary quality models go with a shoulder lash for added comfort. Since hand held spreaders are by and large used for a little/quick work, you want to have the choice to toss material into the holder and get going quickly.

Why Should You Buy A Hand Held Spreader?

There are many reasons to invest in a handheld spreader:

  • We should begin with how they are a multi-use instrument that can be used with a granular substance. Ordinary ones consolidate Grass Seed Spreader, fertilizer, sand, ice mellow, kitty litter, seed and feed blends. Due to their versatility, they have been viewed as accommodating for an immense extent of customers.
  • While these gadgets are respectably sensible, they come in outstandingly handy. For instance, you can without a doubt reseed little spaces of your yard without the need of a push spreader. Notwithstanding the way that they are not difficult to use, but they consume minimal additional room.
  • Besides, this contraption helps you with taking fertilizer or seeding thing and disperse it over a huge locale consistently. Top quality spreaders are easy to control, scattering the ideal extent of seed and Hand Fertilizer Spreader.
  • Hand held spreaders save you time instead of achieving a comparative work the most difficult way possible. It will make the cooperation more clear and make a predominant appearance.

What To Look For In A Top Rated Model

When shopping, recollect that you want one that is easy to use, solid and pleasant. What is the size of your yard? How regularly will you need to use one? Recollecting these requests will help you with finding the ideal spreader at the best expense

Best Selling & Top Rated Brands

  • Solo
  • Earthway
  • Scotts
  • Chapin
  • Yard Tuff
  • Vigoro

How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

In general, you can expect handheld spreaders to be relatively cheap. You can purchase a good one for around $20-30, but there are also higher priced models that offer more features.


A spreader is a great tool for keeping your lawn in tip top shape. Hand held spreaders do a good job of putting down your product quickly, easily and uniformly.

After looking at hundreds of product reviews and reading consumer comments, I highly recommend the Solo 421.

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