Breeo Fire Pit Review While moving into another home a few years prior I pronounced it was the ideal opportunity for another fire pit to stamp the occasion.  Since we didn’t have a ton of additional cash lying around, new off the expenses of finishing up with a home, an extremely durable (for example costly) Breeo Fire Pit Review choice was out for now.

Whatever the arrangement would have been, I concluded it needed to be wood-burning (our house is reared up to the woods), portable (we’re versatile people), low-Maintenance (i have children, I don’t have the opportunity or cash to fix things), and smokeless if conceivable (we have neighbors to the quick left and right of us).


As yet, my only involvement in fire pits was with the modest enormous box store type that smoked like heck, rusted out later two seasons, and for the most part looked like poo throughout.  You know the sort.

In any case, I didn’t need a replay of that experience, yet I additionally didn’t have any desire to spend a lot on something that may end up being a transient arrangement (I was all the while pondering that stone-workmanship fire pit).

Enter the Breeo Double Flame Fire Pit (see it at  At the time (and this is still the case) it was only one of two brand options that might meet my list of criteria.

The other brand being Solo Stove, which was only taking pre-orders then for its first fire pit model, the Bonfire, with delivery 6 months later.  I wasn’t willing to wait, so they were out of the running.

The Breeo Double Flame’s reputation up to that point had been solid according to my research online and at first glance met all of my requirements, so I took the plunge.

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The portable wood-consuming Breeo Double Flame fire pit comes in two sizes, 19″ and 24,” with the 19″ model accessible in hardened steel, and the 24″ model accessible in tempered steel and steel with a high-heat dark covering.

The primary thing you notice with these fire pits is the weight.  There is some weight to the two sizes, which might make some rethink its real portability.  The 19″ model weighs 48 lbs. out of the crate, and the 24″ model weighs 57 lbs.

My own norm for what is portable is when an article can be lifted and conveyed around 50 ft by a sound completely mature grown-up, male or female, ceaselessly.

I realize this will not be the situation for everybody, except I figure one can call the two models convenient and keep a straight face.  My main experience is with the 19″ model and I can move it pretty effectively clutching the metal “spine” on the edge of the fire pit’s opening.

Except if you are a first class competitor or the like (or a masochist) you won’t have any desire to take it climbing, setting up camp, and so on with you, or anyplace by walking over significant distances so far as that is concerned.

I think moving it around the yard, or by vehicle to another setting, and offloading it to a spot close by will be the constraints of the two models’ compactness.


It’s the measure (or thickness) of the Breeo Double Flame Fire Pit’s 304 Hardened Steel that makes it heavier in contrast with comparative models made by different organizations.

The steel is a lot thicker, especially in the dividers of the Breeo Fire Pit Review, however that thickness, while adding weight, converts into toughness.

A typical grumbling coordinated at Breeo’s principle rival is that their models, while light, gouge too without any problem. A tradeoff many fire pit proprietors wouldn’t fret making I assume.

What is 304 Impeccable Steel?  304 Treated Steel is a sort of steel that has been mixed with chromium and nickel to make it consumption safe. The number “304” comes from the steel grade numbering system managed by the U.S.-based Society of Automotive Engineers, or SAE.

The Breeo Double Flame Fire Pit accompanies an upward double-divider plan that is critical to their capacity to be smokeless – favoring that in a little.

The fire pit itself is held off the ground by four “feet” joined to the base that help wind stream through the openings in the lower part of the fire pit (one more piece of the smokeless plan) and gives leeway to forestall the fire pit’s hot surfaces from contacting the ground.

I like the way that they planned these fire pits with four feet, bad habit three, as it makes them more tip-resistant.  No one at any point intends to thump over a fire pit however when you do its bad. Four resources with the ground is consistently better.

Concerning, of all the fire pits I’ve utilized previously, the Double Flame is the most consumption safe that I’ve come across.  Sure, you’ll get a few spots to a great extent yet its no correlation with most wood-consuming steel fire pits available.

Later a couple of consumes, you will begin to see a purple-ish patina towards the highest point of the fire pit and around the rib however it doesn’t actually detract from the tasteful.

These are very much assembled, strong fire pits that come all set out of the box.  And with no moving parts there less to break or lose.


Fire pits advertised today are as smokeless are another interpretation of an old idea, the TLUD, or Top-Lit Updraft gasifier plan.

For fire pit use, this plan utilizes a two-stage cycle to radically lessen fire pit smoke by consuming it off before it leaves the bounds of the fire pit.

At the point when a fire is begun and starts to consume, cool air is gotten in through openings in the lower part of the fire pit – this air then, at that point, goes up through a space between the double-divider structure where it exits openings close to the fire pit’s edge taking care of warmed oxygen that blends in with the smoke, powering a second phase of ignition that “re-consumes” the smoke before it getting away into the encompassing air.

Image Credit: Breeo

One thing I really want to clear up however, there is no such thing as a without smoke fire pit and no maker will make that claim  When you see “smokeless,” think somewhere close to less to enormously decreased smoke, not sans smoke.

Most smoke is produced when toward the start of the fire or when wood is added and this is frequently because of it not being adequately dry (~20-25% dampness content).

Indeed, even the best smokeless fire pits will smoke at first when green, non-prepared or soggy wood is added.  Smokeless fire pits work effectively consuming this dampness and the subsequent smoke off rapidly once a decent fire is going and it’s great and hot.  The Breeo Double Flame Fire Pit is especially great at doing this as they will generally consume extremely hot.


Just a few key observations and tips for those considering a Breeo Fire Pit Review…


These fire pits consume exceptionally hot and you will see it when the fire gets going.  No bad things to say there obviously, especially during the colder months. Additionally, the more sweltering the consume is the less smoke there tends to be.  No protest there by the same token.

Make a point to watch out for little youngsters and pets and maintain them at a protected separation.

Likewise, use alert on what surface you put the fire pit on from both a security and restorative harm viewpoint (grass, decks, etc.).  You’ll waht to utilize an extremely hearty hotness obstruction on the off chance that you choose to utilize this fire pit and any surface other than concrete, flagstone, and so forth

Did I specify they consume hot?


Simply an individual perception however it seems like specific producers in the fire pit industry must be hauled kicking and shouting into making fire pits you could cook on.

These brands have either opposed suggesting cooking on their fire pits through and through or have been delayed to deliver embellishments that help it. A brief glance at any of Breeo’s showcasing material will show that is not the situation with them.

The Breeo Double Flame Fire Pit models (and numerous other Breeo fire pits) are intended to be utilized for cooking and are prepared out of the case to be matched with cooking accessories specifically made for them.

These frill (fire pit cooking mesh and post) are bought independently though.  There is an opening in the Double Flame’s edge where the barbecue post is embedded during arrangement.

Cooking will require somewhat more cleanup assuming you choose to involve a Double Flame for that reason yet essentially it’s an option.  I haven’t cooked as soon as possible Flame yet, other than franks and marshmallows on a stick, yet I’ll refresh once I put the barbecue and mesh through its speeds.


Only a couple of things you might need to make note of on the off chance that you get a Breeo Fire Pit Review:

Sharp Edges Some customers have announced sharp edges on the metal rib on the kickoff of these fire pits.  It hasn’t been an issue for me yet this objection has been out there for some time so that wouldn’t shock me the slightest bit assuming Breeo has found a way ways to cure it at this point.

Assuming you experience this, I’d either contact Breeo straightforwardly or take a processor or record and adjust the sharp edges where you track down them

Wind current Holes  For these fire pits to work at their best, you must eliminate all debris and other flotsam and jetsam later each utilization.

You’ll need to do this to ensure the air openings at the lower part of the fire pit within don’t get stopped up.

Assuming they really do get stopped up you will not get as proficient a consume, you might see more smoke than expected, and it won’t deplete too in the event that left out in the components when not being used.

Try not to Consume Softwoods Stay away from softwoods like pines, cedar, fir, and so forth assuming you can; these kinds of wood will quite often have a high pitch content and can gum up the ports all through the fire pit, smoke unnecessarily, and make tidy up a problem.

Utilize Furnace Dried or All around Prepared Hardwood Firewood  Sure it’s “smokeless” yet to exploit that include it assists with utilizing the dryest wood possible.  The Double Flame will consume that dampness off rapidly assuming you utilize high-dampness content firewood however you might need to endure a little smoke until that happens.  Simply utilize the dryest wood you can to skirt all of that.


Luckily, I haven’t needed to manage their client care office yet however from my exploration on the web, the experience is hit or miss.  Organization reactions detailed are a blend of speedy and proficient, slow, or not in any way.

I’ll give them credit however, they truly do effectively screen online purchaser reviews on locales like Amazon and will contact those with protests with an end goal to tackle their concern.

Moreover, they appear to be exceptionally dynamic on an assortment of online media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and others, so that can be a method for standing out enough to be noticed too if necessary.

As to’s Guarantee (from their site)

“Breeo holds a restricted 3-year guarantee on all Smoke Less fire pits. This guarantee covers any imperfections in material to workmanship of the item. Be that as it may, this guarantee doesn’t cover any deformities as for paint and surface rust on regions impacted by fire or hotness.”

Cut and dry, particularly contrasted and most guarantees in the fire pit business.  Most are written in a manner that doesn’t give a lot of solace to the purchaser assuming there is a problem.  Breeo’s three years is really liberal considering the burdens the item goes through.


  • Been in business since 2011
Breeo Reviews
  • Products are made in the U.S., in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Amish craftsmen
  • Won “Best in Show for Outdoor Products” at the 14th Annual Vesta Awards presented by Hearth & Home magazine
  • All fire pit designs are smokeless


With a Double Flame, you get a bright rust and harm safe, smokeless, compact, wood-consuming, rock solid fire pit that you will not need to toss out following two years.

This is an intense fire pit with some weight behind it.  Sure you’ll get some patina over the long haul, yet you will not need to stress over coddling it when you convey it, load it into the rear of your truck or SUV, put away it, and so on

Video Credit: Breeo

The smokeless feature can’t be overstated; if you’ve ever played musical chairs around the fire pit when the wind changes you know what I mean.  Use good wood and get this thing nice and hot and smoke will be minimal to non-existent.

If you want to change the spot where you set up your fire pit or take it on the road it’s not going to take a team lift to get it done.

Great firewood is moderately modest and surprisingly more so assuming you split and stack it yourself.  My terrace runs solidly into the treeline against a few sections of land of oak that could last me a lifetime so this fire pit just checked out for my situation.

Appears as though I may never get my stone deck fire pit… in any case

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